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About Us

Congo Merge is a community-based organization that promotes a sense of belonging and wellbeing among its members. We strive to build strong connections between people from all walks of life, so they can come together to celebrate their shared cultural heritage. By organizing cultural events, concerts, and other social gatherings, we provide opportunities for people to connect with one another and form meaningful relationships.

For many Congolese Canadians, staying connected to their roots and heritage is incredibly important—but it can be difficult to maintain a strong connection to the home country when living abroad. That's where Congo Merge comes in. We serve as a gateway link to the D.R.C and it's diaspora by providing information, resources, and opportunities for people to stay connected with their home country. Whether it's through our cultural events or our network of contacts in the D.R.C, we help strengthen the bond between Congolese diaspora and their roots.

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